Essex town may become new home of German stocks

4. April 2011

Traders at work in Frankfurt

Trading of household-name German stocks – including BMW, Deutsche Telekom and Siemens – could move to a data center based in the UK if Deutsche Börse completes its planned tie-up with NYSE Euronext.London’s status as a major global financial center has given it a dominant grip over the trading of German stocks: The majority of firms trading shares on Deutsche Börse are actually based in the UK capital.

Shifting Deutsche Börse’s trading platform from Frankfurt to NYSE Euronext’s data center in Basildon, a town located roughly 50 kilometers (30 miles) east of London, would reduce trading times for the growing number of high frequency algorithmic trading firms that use computers to rapidly slice and dice orders to buy and sell shares.

‘Momentum going to NYSE Euronext system’

“The momentum is going towards the NYSE Euronext system for the stock market,” Reto Francioni, CEO of Deutsche Börse told the German business daily Handelsblatt, while “on the derivative side it is probably our system that will be used.”

Network cablesAlgorithmic traders rely on high speed data transfers to buy and sell at the right timesMoving the Frankfurt-based exchange’s trading system to Basildon would also likely mean the end of Deutsche Börse’s Xetra trading platform.

“If Deutsche Börse moves its shares trading platform from Frankfurt to London it will speed up trading for the majority of its market participants from milliseconds to microseconds,” said Bob Giffords, a UK-based banking and technology analyst.

“In an increasingly competitive European market, where trading speeds are becoming ever more important, the rational behind such a move could be compelling.”

Reducing financial risks of complex trades

A number of precedents for such a cross-Channel shift already exist. The Paris Bourse transferred its trading engine from the French capital to NYSE Euronext’s Basildon data center in November 2010. The state-of-the-art site also hosts matching engines for the exchange group’s markets in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Portugal.

Giffords said market participants would obtain new trading opportunities if both Deutsche Börse and other NYSE Euronext stocks were traded on the same platform in Basildon.

London cityscapeMost of Deutsche Börse’s customers are based in Britain“Putting everything together might deepen liquidity and offer some interesting new order types. It might also make it easier to ‘hedge’ positions across asset classes, thereby reducing the financial risks of complex trades,” he said.

London is the key hub

“The majority of the customers of Deutsche Börse are based in London, so it would make sense to relocate the hardware to Basildon,” one senior London-based trader told Deutsche Welle.

“Although the speed benefits would be negligible, the main beneficiaries would be high-frequency algorithmic traders,” he said, adding that it was “possible” that Deutsche Börse’s options platforms would stay in Frankfurt, as it remains the primary location for the exchange’s options customers.

Deutsche Börse and NYSE Euronext both declined to comment on the statements made by Francioni in Handelsblatt.

Rapidly changing market

Atrium Network, a low-latency connectivity provider based in London, is part of a burgeoning industry of technology companies enabling computer-based traders to connect with exchange platforms at increasingly faster speeds.

Servers at an Equinix data centerEquinix built a new data center near Frankfurt to handle Deutsche Börse tradingDes Peck, head of marketing at Atrium Network, said: “The planned Deutsche Börse-NYSE Euronext merger is one of the many changes happening in the marketplace today, which present trading participants with challenges of where to connect, how to connect and on what platform.”

The possible transfer of Deutsche Börse’s trading platform to Basildon would be a major setback for Equinix – the company that had been selected to host Deutsche Börse’s trading engines at a new data center in Frankfurt later this year.

Deutsche Börse’s decision to move to Equinix’s FR2 International Business Exchange (IBX) site was driven by demand from exchange participants, who want to install so-called “proximity hosting services” directly onto the servers hosting the exchange’s trading engines.

Up in the air

Although observers say it would make sense for Deutsche Börse to transfer its trading platform to Basildon, it is unclear whether the planned merger between the Frankfurt-based exchange and NYSE Euronext will actually take place.

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock ExchangeNasdaq has launched a rival bid for NYSE EuronextAntitrust authorities are examining the tie-up very closely and may yet veto the merger. There’s also a risk that NYSE Euronext may pull out of the deal or choose another partner.

The Nasdaq market group and the financial house IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) launched a rival bid to take over the NYSE Euronext last week. Its offer of $42.50 (30 euros) per share was roughly 19 percent higher than Deutsche Börse’s bid.

German newspaper Die Welt reported on Monday that Deutsche Börse did not see any need to improve its bid. It cited an unnamed source who said a bidding war would not be in the interest of the group’s shareholders.

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Jens Kattermann Porsche 918

29. July 2010
Jens Kattermann Porsche 918

Jens Kattermann Porsche 918

You’re already expecting a racing coupe version of the wildly popular Porsche 918 Spyder, and this video teaser hints that you’ll be getting it.
As is typical with factory-approved teasers, we don’t get a whole lot of info or visual  contact with the concept, but with Bosch-branded livery on the door and those beatufil

polished exhaust tips, it’s a looker, even under a rug.

Jens Kattermann

Mexican Drug Wars Spiking Armored Car Sales?

5. November 2009


Crazy as it sounds, it looks like the heavily-armed

(and apparently armored) Mexican drug cartels, bent on cowing or

Jens Kattermann crazy as it sounds

Jens Kattermann Crazy as it sounds...

overtaking the government, are actually doing a morsel of good amidst all their evil: boosting armored car and SUV sales.

The news, fresh out of Mexico City via Reuters, reveals that armored car sales are up 20 percent in Mexico, hitting a total of 1,900 vehicles according to–get this–the Mexican Armored Car Association. Is that like AAA, only scarier?

The drug lords aren’t the only buyers, however. The primary purchasers of the new armored cars are their intended victims and the innocent bystanders wealthy enough to afford the “luxury” of bullet-proof glass and armored steel in the often war-like streets of the country’s cities and towns.

Safety-impaired but style-conscious buyers need not fret over driving a military-looking troop transporter to work, however. With recent additions to the armored fold like the Land Rover LR4 Armored, Jaguar XJ Sentinel, Mutec Rolls-Royce Phantom, Mercedes E-Guard, and BMW’s 7-Series High Security, there are plenty of “sleeper” options that’ll still fit in at the nearest five-star restaurant or country club golf course. Not that you should really be going out for a night on the town in a war zone.


Spy Shots: 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

15. September 2009


These are the latest spy shots of the upcoming 2013 Mercedes-Bennz SL 63 AMG super roadster. Sporting heavy camo still, the details of the car’s body are unclear, but some of the performance modifications are visible despite efforts to hide them.

Most notable are the larger air intakes, cross-drilled and larger brake rotors, upgraded calipers, and new front spoiler shape. Less easily spotted are the quad exhaust pipes, disguised as standard units.

Under the thickly-clad hood, the new 5.5-liter twin-turbo AMG V-8 is expected to lie in wait, cranking out a meaty 571 horsepower. If that number looks familiar, it should: that’s the rating on the new SLS AMG.

Looking at the camo fitment, that may not be the only similarity the new SL bears to the SLS. The front end looks decidedly SLS-like, though that may just be misdirection to hide the more traditional pointy-nosed SL design, modified and updated for the new car. If not, we have to question the aesthetics of the blunt SLS-style nose on the SL’s body.

We’ll keep you up to the minute on the latest images and details as they emerge, but for now, study the photos and let us know what you think is in store for the next SL 63 AMG.

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23. November 2006
Jens Kattermann Ferrari

Jens Kattermann Ferrari 612